Martin van der Linden, Founder and Principal Architect


Who we are: van der Architects is an architectural design company based in Tokyo. The firm was founded by Martin van der Linden, a Dutch architect educated in the Netherlands, Japan and the UK. Before establishing van der Architects Martin worked for the renewed Japanese architect Hiroshi Hara on the Kyoto station and Umeda Sky Building. In the mid-‘90s, he was employed by the Japanese office of César Pelli, and then became a design consultant to the Japanese Ministry of Education’s privatised architecture office (EFI) from 1997-1999. Teaching at Waseda University and Tokyo University of Science for around ten years, Martin established van der Architects in 2001. Full cv at Linkedin

What we do: Today architects can design and build anything, anywhere in anyway. Our aim is to create an architecture where users have an authentic experience of space.

How we do this: Architecture is about movement and rest within space. We strive in creating immersive experiences of space. This is done through careful selection of materials, the tactility of space, the use of shadow, light and reflection, by inserting a variety of viewpoints, by taking dimensionality of the space and our mobility into consideration. An authentic space is not so much seen but rather it is felt.

Why we do this: The spaces we inhabit emotionally shape us.

For whom: Our clients share our believe that architecture, the creation of space has a strong influence on its users. As such our clients feel a personal as well as social responsibility that the spaces they commission us to design will help the well-being of the users of these spaces.

Where: Projects are being undertaken in Japan. Through a series of strategic partnerships we also work on projects in the Asian region.

van der Architects Thailand: Following our recent successful project in Bangkok, van der Architects Thailand focusses on bringing our design methodology and implementation to Bangkok and the rest of Thailand.

Nattapong Kiatkulanusorn
Design Director for van der Architects Thailand.

Nattapong graduated from Rangsit University with a bachelor of fine arts in Interior Design. Nattapong has worked on a wide variety of projects. These include interior as well as large scale architectural development projects in Thailand ranging from corporate interiors to hospitality.
As a board of director of the Thai Urban Designers Association (TUDA) Nattapong is also deeply involved in exploring a framework to implement sustainable urban development programmes to Thailand.